This Community/Clan is a Casual and Competitive gaming experience. DNG was established for one reason and one reason only; to have fun. We are small in comparison to the larger communities here at Looking For Clan, but that doesn't hinder us at all. In fact, its one of our biggest strengths right now. Our dream is to make friends, have fun, and create a safe and toxic free environment for gaming adults.

We are 17+ and focus on quality over quantity. We accept all platforms but currently have a dominant Xbox group of members running at 50%. This community/clan is not perfect yet and we are always looking for help and suggestions. Its hard to build a community and we wanna make sure we are keeping up to date with all the advantages a gaming community provides, so don't be afraid to reach out!

A reminder most members are on CST so if you join in at 5 AM (05:00) Don't leave us right away because we are probably just sleeping! Again, we are a small group of gamers looking to grow and build a home away from home. We understand that a lot of people use gaming to get away or as a relaxing tool (kinda like an escape) and we wanna make sure that you have people to enjoy that with. We hope to see you in our discord or out on our social media here soon! If you made it this far, could you please vote for us on this page to help us reach more people. Thank you and see you down range everybody!

Welcome To DNG