12th Circle is a non-competitive community that was created with an idea to have all gamers from all platforms live, talk and laugh in harmony. We're here to bridge the gap between all platforms by creating a mature environment for you to make friends, and create long-lasting memories.

Why should you join 12th Circle?

It's simple......Events with prizes are hosted for ALL members to participate in (you just need to be apart of the server to enter), we support all those that strive to be creators (youtube, twitch, etc), we offer leadership positions so YOU can make a difference in how the server is running, we offer benefits to those that become patrons (completely optional and will not be forced), and lastly, we're just all looking to have fun. We welcome all gamers of all skill levels to come join the fun and be apart of the future of gaming.

What does the future of 12c look like?

We have all of our leadership working round the clock to always improve the server while making deals for sponsorships and other goodies to make your experience the best it can be! This is not like the server you just left, it's not dead and it will not be for the foreseeable future. We work hard, so you can enjoy.

You got nothing to lose and so much to gain! Join 12c today and be apart of not just a group of gamers, but a family. I hope to get a game invite from all of you soon!